See more. I see problems down the line I know that I’m right There was a dirt upon your hands Doing the same mistake twice Making the same mistake twice Come on over and be so caught up It's not about compromising I see problems down the line I know that I’m right I see darkness down the line I know it's hard to fight There was a dirt upon your hands Doing the same mistake twice … The first of these is significantly older, well established in English at the beginning of the 20th century: And she remembered that day when he had crushed her in his arms and declared she was the greatest little bit of a woman that had ever come down the pike. This phrase is taken from a joke, saying "make it count" "go down the lane, not across the street" Cutting is when one takes a sharp object (razor usually), when depressed, and cuts their wrist one or more times. Find more ways to say down the line, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Synonyms for down the line include ulteriorly, after, after a while, afterward, afterwards, again, at another time, behind, by and by and come Sunday. Define down the line. The phrase “five years down the line" is an idiomatic expression that means “in five years” or “in five years' time”. Examples: Though Ben is working quite hard, let’s see if he makes it in any competition down the line.” 1. However, when I started to break down his writing, word-by-word, it became easier to read. A broad all encompassing phrase used to describe anywhere that a person does not usually reside. saying "go down the lane" is cut down the wrist, not across it. Down-the-line definition, complete, full, unreserved, or whole-hearted: a down-the-line endorsement. down the line synonyms, down the line pronunciation, down the line translation, English dictionary definition of down the line. Meaning of down the line. In South Auckland New Zealand (an area heavily influenced by US gansta culture) it is essentially a 'place' being anywhere except where they are supposed to be. The phrase down the pike is entered in the dictionary with two meanings: "in the course of events" and "in the future." 2. a. Find more similar words at! Solicitors went from door … this is said refering to cutting, a technique usually associated with people known as "emo". n. 1. Information and translations of down the line in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. To move or travel; proceed: We will go by bus. cutting down the … ing , goes v. intr. Another word for down the line. The same can be done with the Lord’s Prayer. What does down the line mean? It means: in the future. By the way what is the meaning of down the line?” Hopefully from the context you would have got a clue what it actually means: Well, if not…. Definition of down the line in the dictionary. Mathematics A geometric figure formed by a point moving along a fixed direction and the reverse direction.