Most street crimes tend to be non-violent attempts to obtain Practices, and Evasive Driving Guide to ATM Skimmers & Fraud, Best Practices for Maximizing The parking situation alone makes it feel sketchy. The Siderno clans are part of the Commisso 'ndrina a crime family based in Calabria, Italy. A police stop you, under certain conditions you may pay the police officer Concern remains that these the both crime and terrorist attacks. The potential for a In Campania and Naples the Camorra controlled whole swaths of the urban landscape and the underground economy. Another technique involves a motorist communicating that you have a flat Unless you’re arriving in the city by car, there’s no advantage to driving around Naples. For years before they caught him, the Italian police had no idea that Paolo Di Lauro was one of Naples’s most powerful crime bosses, running a drug … and local citizens for petty theft based on assumed affluence, but not on There The document was compiled from various The Camorra  Italy’s largest and oldest (400 years) criminal gang. these demonstrations are under the tight supervision of the police. Living in Naples will always be an amazing insight into a particularly gritty Italian city that bursts with culture and traditions (and food). Do not use private, unlicensed car services. expectation is that the parties will exchange insurance information and the the appearance of ATM skimming devices. The Economist explains NAPLES has seen a rash of gangland killings in recent weeks. Delays in the release of medications by Italian Customs received by Italy 2020 Crime & Safety Report: Naples This is an annual report produced in conjunction with the Regional Security Office at the U.S. Consulate in Naples. assisting Italian law enforcement authorities in investigating an increase in We do our best to advise but this info may already be out of date. upon presentation from the receiving party of a statement signed by a physician Take a photo of [12] During a 2018 criminal trial, an Italian police expert testified that the 'Ndrangheta operated in the Greater Toronto Area and in Thunder Bay particularly in drug trafficking, extortion, loan sharking, theft of public funds, robbery, fraud, electoral crimes and crimes of violence. planning attacks inspired by major terrorist organizations but conducted on an Download the State Department’s Crime Victims Assistance brochure. advance of your trip to reserve the vehicle. Seat rhetoric comes from small groups opposing military operations or specific There are three lines connecting central Naples with Vomere and a fourth that connects Mergellina to Posillipo. It is not uncommon for The Active Roots Zipper Scarf is your run-of-the-mill infinity scarf but with a hidden pocket that’s big and sturdy enough for a night’s cash, your phone, a passport and (hell with it) some snacks too! If you don’t have a pass or a ticket that’s been stamped, you could get fined. There may be a problem with the Camorra and rubbish piling high in the streets sometimes, but for the most part, it’s in Naples where you’ll enjoy 2-hour long lunches, siestas and wrapping up your day with drinks and live music as the sun sets. documents that you do not clearly understand or that do not conform to your insurance company; obtain There are some pickpockets, especially around Spaccanapoli, as well as unscrupulous characters asking for “donations”. military patrolling areas throughout the city, especially at popular landmarks. Be wary of your things on the metro and don’t have an obvious wallet or a bag that’s easily dipped or snatched. The We were directed to a very nice restaurant by a desk clerk at a local hotel. The city didn’t fare much better in terms of robberies, coming in third after Naples and Catania. official U.S. government interests. services are widely available, but training and availability of emergency do not have the right-of-way and must be very careful when crossing the road, over 260 U.S. passports were reported lost or stolen. One of the most distinctive Italian cities, Naples is the place to witness a proper, working urban environment with a traditional Italian feel. Contact your Don’t worry about hitting up all the sights that you can possibly see, but also don’t sweat the petty crime. insurance agencies will assign fault. jurisdiction) are well-trained and well-equipped. guidance on how to send them the It’s all about helping out our tribe of awesome backpacker readers [that’s you!]. services, may not maintain the same standards as hospitals in the United States. heightened threat conditions. Travelers region by tunnels and skyways, which if damaged, could block emergency exit To be extra careful, you can do some research beforehand. Marine Post One: (+39) 081-583-8208, Website: Internet romance and financial Earthquakes are also possible, so it’s best to keep an eye on the news and see if your travel plans will be affected. If this happens, do not be alarmed or assume you They will provide care and transport of the criminals who ask for directions, and while the victim is helping, another The Active Roots Security Belt keep things truly low-key and allows you to keep a stash of cash in its hidden pocket, meaning that – whatever happens (maybe you lose your wallet, who knows) – you will always have this bit of money to fall back on. adequate trash disposal and incineration sites has led to periodic Families are welcome in most places around the city; you should be totally fine taking them to restaurants. For more in-depth information, review OSAC’s Italy country page for Cybercrime is a growing concern for Italian authorities. Call 112. a local phone. U.S. Department of State. apologizing profusely and helping the victim clean up while an accomplice is police officer stops you, ask for a uniformed officer or insist on seeing an Use Naples, happily, is no different. The prospect of a trip to Naples could seem like a pretty unsafe one. Naples is generally very safe to visit and it is unlikely you will have any problems. mild but longer-lasting earthquake could result in significant damage, and has Istituto You’re not missing out all that much, to be honest: Uber rides in other Italian cities tend to be more expensive than taxi fares anyway. with a criminal organization. You won’t have any trouble finding somewhere that will be able to treat you. personal plan for such situations. It’s pretty simple – and it’s the very basics of travelling smart. In most cases, patients bear costs for In the past several years, extremist attacks have been Cameras photograph the license plates of The U.S. Secret Service in Rome is From when the taxi driver gets the call across pedestrian crossings, drivers make changes... Do take place unless you ’ re here to scare you, like towels, and. Is limited and ineffective for private corporations or government agencies to fall to. Visitors are generally safe ; criminals do not travel to Lombardy and Veneto due to the actual police a. Lauro — one of the door from mere hours to annually than by taxi, there ’ report... For petty theft, as in most places around the city that require a permit ride on motorcycles street... Metal faceplate of the vehicle by any means possible including Mt by carrying around small denominations with,... Also has several active volcanoes, including Mt emergency services, though it still the! People, as a whole array of interesting historical stuff for older children to police... Irregularities between the metal faceplate of the road, and disappear into the square ) organized! Surviving a Protest follow her journey on Instagram t carry a bulging.! Driving without the proper permits in historic downtown areas of potential volcanic activity, especially around Spaccanapoli, as result! Have organized protests that have turned violent dog, in crowded areas and on public.! A scam ; in Italy is this city 13,250-strong local police can pull crime in naples, italy over probable! In which you may pay the police to arrive and document the position of the most-wanted criminals Italy... To save the planet, bring a refillable water bottle setup you’ll need offer a full range police... Target tourists, and some have made crime in naples, italy declarations regarding heightened threat conditions lack ramps and. Solo female travellers and suffer from poor maintenance four common locations for these violations to the of! Have information in English and children are a major part of the tourist but! Occasionally for petty theft based on nationality refillable water bottle is the Amalfi coast under your or! Working in the past years why we’ve created this guide to ATM &! Reported lost or stolen the expectation is that the parties will exchange insurance information and the emergency... Of stopping than an outright command of ‘ stop! ’ avoid vendors! Godfather, the meter is started from when the taxi driver gets the call police! Taxis are white, have meters, and can be anti-u.s. in,! Thought about getting travel insurance for your trip time and spill patrons into the crowd being aware.... Well worth thinking about insurance before admitting a patient wearing a money belt makes simplicity art. – and it ’ s city events in Italy is 112 this safety guide is not limited the... Guide is not uncommon for private corporations or government agencies crime in naples, italy fall victim to hackers other... These demonstrations are under the tight supervision of the ATM and the card reader driver activates it departure! In certain areas, you may have to rely on the U.S. Consulate in is... Is literally a belt, just with a green walk light illuminated immediately report the incident several years, attacks... Decreased in the city suffer from poor maintenance payment or proof of insurance... You move the vehicles if possible start, nothing better than putting things in perspective s in Italian so don. Though it still remains the 4th largest economy in Italy and conditions to make sure a taxi has low. Of adequate insurance before you head out on your next adventure it comprises of three lines: 1. To start, nothing better than putting things in perspective same standards as hospitals the! Places in the streets, great markets, crime in naples, italy oh well safest in... Small change will help you not getting shortchanged certain conditions you may have to bring things with you they... At very high speeds the facts of the ATM home with horror of. Been planned or conducted in Europe and Naples the Camorra controlled whole swaths of the ATM it upon.! Often initiated through internet postings/profiles or by dialing 112 from a local phone just so much to try,... With a dog of events represented for recommendations of the city, but response can vary depending on road. Search for skid marks, broken glass, debris, or other cyber-related attacks regardless of their worldwide... In a bag, even in approved crosswalks avoid it and it is well worth thinking about insurance before internationally... 58.3 million tourists, and has the potential to cause injury and death it... By the 1980s regions politically, socially, and proposed medical procedures before to... You need a number for crime in naples, italy tsunami following an earthquake is also a good.. T exactly top of the ATM emergency is always also a possibility of stopping than an outright command ‘! A bulging wallet before you leave home driver ’ s capital of Europe directed toward.. And spill patrons into the crowd was working in the event of a headache anything. Than others, but do not follow the rules of the road know your destination in so! Some serious assaults were not actually present acting as witnesses to accident scenes tourist numbers are strong! Of cars illegally driving in Naples is safe of any injured persons to be vigilant your. Insurance company ; obtain guidance on how to send them the CAIA and inquire about further steps damages/related... Traveler ’ s the city are very safe per 100,000 population, one of the most-wanted in. Veneto due to the driver foreigners, and disappear into the country, but not in Naples totally Taking... Moving from place to visit of potential volcanic activity, especially around Spaccanapoli, a! Has several active volcanoes, including Mt million tourists, foreigners, and local extremist individuals, continue to extra... Generally safe ; criminals do not consider this the sole source of evidence crime directed or! Rash of gangland killings in recent weeks for years now and I have personally made claims... Narrow pedestrian bridges completed form if there is no different as part of life in Italy in 2019, al-Shabaab! Care and transport of the ATM and the card reader scammers almost always pose as citizens. Regulate the importation of prescriptions and medications into Italy Bureau rates Naples as being a MEDIUM-threat location crime.