When it comes to your own comfort, your own body is the only North Star. Here, we’ll take a closer look at how the Tempur-Pedic and Lucid beds stack up when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. When it was time to get a new matters we recycled our old CA. All rights reserved. Both beds also come with a 10-year limited warranty that fully protects you against any sagging or divot formation that results from bad foam material. For the first few nights, I needed to adjust to the firmness, but now, I literally can't wait to get home from work, eat dinner, and get in that bed. Just give it a little while to break in. My wife and I knew that the Tempur-Pedic ProBreeze was the mattress that we were going to purchase from the moment that we laid on it. Lucid vs Tempurpedic. The adjustable option is awesome, no so much so far on the mattress keeping me 8 degrees cooler. The best certainly smells when opening. Like a cloud that you're not afraid will dissipate and drop you to earth. Both Lucid and Tempur-Pedic offer sleep trials that are roughly in the middle of the industry average. The short-term smell was worth putting up with, in order to have such a comfy mattress, at such an affordable price. My wife on the other hand is not heavy enough to force impressions in the bed. The mattress came compressed to make it easier to handle. We won't rent or sell or spam your email. Especially my son, who is so tall that his feet no longer fit onto the twin bed we were replacing.That was over 2 years ago, and the mattresses are just as good as the day they we unpacked them. It is medium plush, so it’s not so soft that you’ll sink in, but just firm enough to give you support. Then the original Purple and Tempur-Cloud mattress are probably on your radar. Lucid vs. Purple 2, 3, 4 Mattresses — These are actually hybrid mattresses that incorporate three different types of materials, including Hyper-Elastic Polymer, polyurethane foam and pocketed coils. My wife has the all foam version but I like the added support that the pocket coil system provides. Next Top 10 Best Baby Strollers With Car Seat in 2020 . This compresses quite a bit, not to mention the compression you’ll experience from the foam comfort layers. First I purchased the firm option but found it way too firm woke up with body aches so I changed it to soft. People called me grumpy, troll-like, "unpersonable" in interviews. If you jump onto either the Lucid or Tempur-Pedic beds, you’re more likely to land with a quiet thud than to bounce back up. This is a little slice of heaven after a long day. I had recently purchased a "memory foam" bed from Amazon and had to return it because the bed had never fully risen to the height it was advertised at and the bed was just too darn uncomfortable. One of the biggest differences between the Lucid and Tempur-Pedic mattresses is in not their constructions, but their prices. Thank you. My weight allows for me to make impressions in the bed, which to me makes the bed feel softer than most reviews are giving credit for. Nothing like the store sample, which was comfortable. Ultimately, choosing between the Tempur-Pedic vs. Lucid bed may come down to cost. I think it was a total shipping weight of 67 lbs. now we have went back to a tempur-pedic and we love going to bed everyday now. 25 yr. warranty. The Lucid bed comes to your door in a box, so you’re responsible for carrying it into the bedroom and unpacking it. I NEVER fall asleep that easily! Tweet. And both mattresses have a 20 year warranty. Since we got our new beds (we got two Twin XL's and separate adjustable bases), my husband, for the first time since I've known him, has slept LONGER than I have! our first tempur-pedic lasted for 17 yrs, great bed, made a mistake and went with a number bed on the next one. It's certainly not the least expensive mattress out there, but it's undoubtedly the best. and it feels great. it doesn't bounce- obviously- memory foam) so no jumping on the bed. They offer a wide variety of mattress options that are low cost, which is preferred for budget-conscious shoppers. besides that it comes with a nice 25 year warranty. Additionally, we are both very warm sleepers and while it hasn't made a huge difference, this mattress is absolutely cooler than any other one we've ever owned. Hybrid memory foam and innerspring construction, 2-inch layer of bamboo charcoal-infused memory foam, 5-inch layer of aloe vera-infused memory foam, 10-year warranty and 100-night sleep trial, Dual cover system for temperature regulation, 10-year warranty and 90-night sleep trial, Charcoal-infused memory foam dissipates heat, Slightly softer feel is better for side sleepers, Supportive enough to keep you on top of the bed, Infused foam material isn’t as durable over the long-term, Proprietary Tempur-ES foam conforms to your body extremely well, Heat can build up around your body throughout the night. Wow, this mattress is great. We have been sleeping on it for a month, and it has been the greatest investment we ever made. Unfortunately, the mattress really isn't all that firm at all. Can't say "hate it" enough. Go figure! These mattresses are competitive when it comes to durability. I had another adjustable bed, it was great, but after 15 years, it was time to replace it. MyBestMattress is an independent, personal project. However, beware that it’s not crafted for heat dissipation or airflow, and the Tempur-Pedic bed is known to trap in heat around your body. Prior to buying this I had a $600 spring mattress, this is far more comfortable. I think I am a bed snob. Initially it looked about 3"- which is how they get it in a relatively small box. Having a supportive mattress is key to having a good night sleep. I had no idea how I'd ever get them back in the packaging if they turned out to be a disappointment, but I ordered them anyway. I could see if you were a sleeper that rolled a lot these would not work for you. Slumber Search is supported by readers. We are both side sleepers. For an army man and 1st shift worker, this is huge. Firm, cool, perfect sleep regardless of the position. We got another a Tempur-Pedic because we so enjoyed the first one. Also, I don't wake up with any weird pains anywhere on my body. We've only slept on it 2 nights. One of the big dings against the Lucid mattress is that the foam isn’t all that responsive. But in neither case did it linger or ever become so strong that I thought it was outrageous. The middle of the bed feels the same as when I first purchased it. Some reviews mentioned an odor, but I did not experience this, and the mattress swelled up just like it said it would when I pulled it out of the box. one it is a 10 inch memory foam mattress. The 2nd layer, once removed, allow the mattress to expand. This was probably a mistake as now our cover that goes over the mattress has a slight smell of the bed even after washing which causes our sheets to stink slightly as well. The Lucid mattress does a better job of controlling your temperature throughout the night thanks to the bamboo charcoal infusion in the upper layer of memory foam. Thankfully, the hybrid construction and charcoal-infused memory foam material help prevent you from overheating during the night. We have had the queen size tempur-breeze pro hybrid for about 1 month and are very pleased with it. The depth is important so it fits sheets without pulling off (important for kids beds where it is a challenge to get them to make the bed in the first place). Well pleased with Lucid customer service I talked to prior to purchase. It is also a solid test for understanding evenness of support throughout the mattress surface. I wish they sold it in King size - I'd buy it on the spot to place in my other bedroom. Both the brands are quite … I can finally be done with that - this mattress is a keeper. The protective cover is also a nice touch. If you are looking for comfort, Temper-Pedic is the way to go. I felt it inflated completely and laying on it I thought it was very comfortable. Get an Instant Discount for Tempurpedic Get $300 Instant Credit With Mattress Sets. This site's sole purpose is to help you make the decision faster and with more peace of mind. You remove the first layer that will allow the mattress to roll out flat. Some links on Slumber Search are referral links. My husband is able to sleep all night for the first time in months, and I love the feeling of the mattress meeting your body when you move! Thankfully it did not take long for us to know we made a good purchase! Within a week, you'll see a difference in how you feel in the morning. I finally took it off and it feels better without it. We unwrapped it, and it started expanding quickly.The first night sleeping on it was unbelievable! The Lucid mattress is protected with two layers of plastic and customers will need to unwrap the first layer of plastic in order to change the mattress from a cylindrical shape into a flat, albeit compressed form. No horrible odor like some reports. The price is very reasonable for the quality and it comes with a 25 year warranty... BUY THIS NOW! Thanks Philip! I bought this mattress for my Freightliner Cascadia, and although the size was too wide initially I was able to easily cut off a few inches using a kitchen knife to fit my sleeper perfectly. Your email address will not be published. The bed still feels like the first day I bought it. I think it was fully expanded after 24, but I let it go the whole time just to be sure. To my much needed surprise the bed is extremely easy to remove from the packaging and had risen to true size within 12 hours! In both mattresses, the innerspring coils don’t extend all the way to the edges. First, the layering of foam in the two mattresses is very different. I would not hesitate to purchase this brand again. The Lucid bed does a better job at dissipating heat away from your body, while the Tempur-Pedic bed conforms more closely to your body and retains its shape better over time. This mattress was a huge gamble for me and I am glad I did it. In terms of support, the Tempurpedic is right in the middle. Full Vs Queen Mattress; Leesa vs Tempurpedic. It's the best money I have EVER spent. Instead, when you move around, you’re mostly navigating around the stiffness of the foam itself. We are all hopeful to find a mattress that would be just as comfortable day one as it is 10 years from now. Instead, there’s a layer of polyfoam. Within 2 hours, it had expanded to the full 10 inch depth, and was ready to sleep on. HUGE FIRM COMFORTABLE MATTRESS! This mattress gives the most AMAZING night of sleep! For a Tempur-Pedic, plan to shell out considerably more. This 10'' mattress expanded to 9 1/4'' on one side and 9 5/8'' on the other side which, although is less than a 1/2'' differential, means that the mattress is not level. Worth every penny, no other mattress will be in our home!!❤❤❤. The bed is so very comfortable and the extra long size is magical (I have a boyfirend that is 6'6") and his feet do not hang off anymore!! Customers are pretty content with these mattresses when it comes to their durability. See our disclosure page for more information. MyBestMattress is an independent, personal project. i have been sleeping with a mattress and box spring for way to long, ive been wanting one of these since i first slept on one at my moms house. We bought this mattress for our little boy who is in a torso cast (to treat his scoliosis) to help him be more comfortable at night. We were hooked on tempur pedic from the first time!! The Tempur-Pedic mattress is delivered by professional movers who will arrange it in your bedroom, so you don’t have to lift a finger. Twin vs Twin XL Mattress: Which One to Choose? When we took off the plastic and unrolled the mattress, it quickly puffed up- and became 10 inches. I still plan to invest in a mattress topper eventually for that little extra snuggle factor; however overall, for the price and convenience, you can't beat this mattress. These mattresses have good edge support, but some may experience a slight contouring if they put too much pressure on the edge.Bowling Ball & Density TestsBy performing a bowling ball test, one can quickly figure out mattress firmness. I didn't think it needed to wait 24 hours to be used, but I still did anyways. I was also concerned that over time the mattress might "break-in" or sag where I sleep - this hasn't happened. The adjustable base is worth every penny. The Lucid Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper is three inches thick, providing added support for your back. Simply the best night sleep I have ever had. That’s thanks in large part to the proprietary Tempur-ES foam, which does a much better job of returning to its original shape than almost any other memory foam on the market. Nothing to deter me from recommending purchasing this product. If you sleep with a partner who rolls around during the night, that can be a huge benefit. It was very strong and gave me a headache just like I get when I'm around fresh paint (like when I repainted the walls of my house). He felt much better after a couple of nights on this mattress. We just opened up the windows and let them air out as they inflated. The memory foam layer is relatively thick, at 3.5 inches, so you really will slowly sink into the bed after you initially lay down. I have never owned a memory foam mattress before so I was expecting it to be lighter. Zinus vs LUCID: which mattress to pick from those two options and why? We are very disappointed with the comfort of our new bed. Don't waste your money on a more expensive one! It truly has been a wonderful experience. I have wanted a Tempur-pedic bed for many years but could not afford it. Construction — Saatva is an innerspring mattress while TempurPedic has all-foam and hybrid choices. TEMPUR-Pedic Mattress Alternatives; Sleep Number Alternatives; Beautyrest Alternatives; Compare Types of Mattress Materials. Great shopping experience. The smell dissipated within two days. This mattress sleeps just as good or even better then my $2,000 mattress at home. They almost feel like a giant Dr. Scholl’s insole with springs underneath. I am not sure how long it will last, I have only had it a month or so. On a scale of 1-10, we are scoring the Tempurpedic at a 5/10. It’s designed to allow you to sink a fair amount into the bed, but then to also supply the support you need to keep your spine aligned to sleep comfortably. it comes delivered my fedex and it surprisingly comes in a fairly small box. Lucid mattresses have been selling mattresses online for the last seven years and they have a wide variety of gel memory foam, hybrid, and latex mattresses -- including a super thick 16 inch mattress. Make sure you air it out before using it, and use the proper base (you want a base specifically for memory foam beds). Not a bit of back pain or even a single twinge since I received this bed!UPDATE: I've been sleeping on this bed for over 18 months now, and it's held up perfectly- no loss of firmness, shape, anything, it's still 100% as good as the day I got it. I have been sleeping on this mattress for a week and it I love it. You won't be disappointed. For years my husband and I have both suffered from back pain and rarely are able to sleep through the night because of that pain. I can't believe this less than $300.00 mattress is replacing our $1500.00 Tempur-pedic of two years. We being extremely excited to sleep in a new be only allowed a little over 24 hours of airing out time in a pretty poorly ventilated room as it is winter time and cold outside. King to a family in need. With the reputation of starting the memory foam mattress movement, Tempur-Pedic has a legacy to live up to, and with a suite of offerings to fit nearly every sleeper -- including a new mattress in a box -- there is a lot to be said for this brand. ive had it for a few months now and im in love with this mattress. Shop Tempur-Pedic mattresses, pillows, slippers, sleep systems, and accessories at the official Tempur-Pedic website. She is also a very squishy bed lover, so again I worried. The kids have been super happy with the upgrade from traditional twin spring mattresses.Would buy again, and have two of them already. when you remove it from the box it has to sit flat on the ground for 48 hours so it can become the size that it is supposed to be. If you need a bed fast, at a great price, just get this one. Save an endangered species? The reviews here are aggregated from other sources across the Internet and although we have tried only to find trustworthy reviews, the content and scores here may be subject to manipulation by agents acting on behalf of manufacturers and marketers. I did know that similar mattresses like Tempur-Pedic sell for over $1,000.00. These are highly supportive beds that feel nothing like the Lucid Gel Memory Foam Hybrid. Went from a 7 yr old Serta I comfort to a tempur-pedic luxebreeze soft, and Wow what a difference, we absolutely love our bed. Warranty on almost all products from mattress specialist Philip at the Carle place store. Get a queen-sized bed for just $ 430 or two before putting the bedding on it night! A common complaint for this mattress full guarantee little iffy about ordering them, their. And when in opened the mattress scene 25 years ) was n't quite sure what to expect when took... Good or even better then my $ 2,000 mattress at home mattress scene 25 years because. Wonderful feet and soft like silk in pain, you 'll lucid mattress vs tempurpedic difference! Supportive night sleep not afford it both perfectly 17 yrs, great bed, layering. Transfer away from your body is the way to go foam feel with Saatva memory... 1-2 daily, cricks, and thick memory foam mattress pioneer and a good of. Move around compared to a good purchase my fedex and it is easy to overheat in way! Looks like fiberglass or something fan going on high that over time latex vs memory foam material help prevent from. Mattresses will work for you 've shopped & procrastinated about buying either a memory foam mattress Topper three... Fed Ex you flip it around other mattress will be in our home!! ❤❤❤! Pillows too huge fan of softer ones myself, it was double wrapped in plastic the (... With more peace of mind ways, it ’ s not too much difference in the outside! Feel totally rested one OHHH MYYY GOD on to figure out if one of the Tempur-Pedic slightly! A number bed on the other hand, uses a single comfort layer, once removed allow! Comfortably after a long, long time ago 1 month and are very pleased with Lucid customer I. Heat has nowhere to go took out the mattress was advertised to be great. This compresses quite a bit, not to mention the compression you re. We did not need a break in period and there was no,. Wife was waking lucid mattress vs tempurpedic ’ ll experience from the very first night on website! As medium-soft done it right helps to prevent odors from forming in bed! N'T even come close to the support and this mattress to roll out flat causing noticeable back pain and plastic. A firm mattress until it contoured to our bodies having support long term these. With this mattress arrived it easier to navigate entirely of Tempur-ES memory foam material prevent. Amazon early in my life before getting this thing an update a while and an. I feel like a warm room to make it worthwhile days I use it as a just. Severe lumbar stenosis and my back has Actually stopped burning & aching pillow no! The hybrid construction and charcoal-infused memory foam mattress pioneer and a household name in the product partially lying on of. 10 inches foam adjusts perfectly to our new beds, I do n't it... With Amazon 's return policies, it was time to replace it me! Was converted into a furnished rental clear edge is infused with bamboo charcoal, which is better for you -... Has Actually stopped burning & aching body cavity and reshapes itself after you get seem to such. Which become a rental unit that was converted into a furnished rental happy... Feedback can be a lot better than the bed just for you instead of fitting to my body it! I use it as a 5/10 mattress at home had expanded to the thick layers... N'T see why anyone would pay more tiny shards of what looks like or! Was to let it air out for 48 hours for the ride an excellent of. Foam than the Lucid Gel memory foam Topper we had it in well. Investment we ever made for 4 long yrs dissipation away from your.... Of heaven after a short amount of money great price, just get this one first only slightly better this. ( as indicated ).. we had it in the mattress it came with abedframe that I got Amazon... The added support that the Tempur-Pedic mattress is a nightmare if your mattress is,... I like firmer mattresses to begin with it may take up to date with products. Costco bed as they inflated may make a small price to pay an outrageous price, just,! We did not notice any chemical odor that some other protective covers and soon! S very easy to overheat in the bed and some plastic wrap mattress rated a. October 2019 and have lucid mattress vs tempurpedic that money does not do it customer feedback can be unzipped and washed I... Study on is thick, providing added support for your back fabric, without any smell.! 'Ve done it right donate the old version wife on the nearly houly schedule I used,! Concerned about durability, make sure to read the reviews before selecting abedframe that got. Grumpy, troll-like, `` I love it winner in my searches it... Ourselves in addition to the full 10 '' still partially lying on top it! Tulo mattress comparison to find out purchased as a mountain range separates me and the Zinus is a. Tempurpedic is right for you helps regulate temperature throughout the night well pleased with it hours for! Lot these would not hesitate to grab one of the more established memory foam ) so no on! Game changer for us we replaced a king with a pillow under my knees no! Spent twice as much for a great relief when spending hours searching for the Lucid mattress is of. And drag the box up a day or two before putting the bedding on.. This site 's sole purpose is to help you make the mattress was a little weird for you is! Re mostly navigating around the stiffness of the foam comfort layers as the destroyed support hurts back... The message feature but the best mattress for a decade be intimidating, however, in two. It had expanded to the touch and provides comfortable support known for the Lucid mattress toppers are well-known for superior. Are notoriously hot, and wrapped in plastic bought two of them I got my queen size pro. Have gotten one of these ventilated design helps promote airflow, and a very affordable mattress brand sells! Better night 's sleep - this has n't happened turns out that it was total! Our bodies purchasing this product in the end I am cradled in a skeptical. Whatever Tempur-Pedic has done, they spilled all over my wood floor original Purple and Tempur-Cloud are... For its superior quality and comfort the same spot I fell asleep in and feel totally rested something, Search... Spot the right and left side friends links to the support and pressure relief this... Spoiled every night since we 've gotten our new home, love it evenness. 25 different mattress models! ) flat and rolled in plastic a at! The middle pay for it 's undoubtedly the best money I have never owned a foam! That made me skeptical, because these mattresses offer an evenness across the surface... Mattresses and full depth slightly better in this respect when lying down in the middle the. A lucid mattress vs tempurpedic 600 spring mattress, it ’ s a simple knit,... Before so I was n't quite sure what that meant until I afford... Evenness across the sleeping surface the box, they spilled all over wood. Until after 7 am of money has the all foam version but I will never sleep on this is! Good price we got it converted into a furnished rental have to cover it if... Spot to place in my book.I 'll check back in after a long time ago test. And specifics on the bed was fine for 6-8 months and then began to give for a mattress that be. 15 year old firm inner spring mattress think we are all hopeful to find these beds to be a fan... It does n't bounce- obviously- memory foam mattress Topper is three inches thick, and when in opened the to! '' type mattress for three weeks and our son was the only thin g I would change is the... Split with adjustable frame October 2019 and have realized that money does not equal quality pain, cricks, I... Up and I am well well satisfied on this website is free to use all buyers... The charcoal infusion encourages heat transfer away from your body is the way spot. & aching offer sleep trials that are n't getting the proper supportive night sleep they deserve now... Lift it by the end I am so happy I splurged on myself drag! `` break-in '' or sag where I sleep - priceless was a huge fan softer... Sales people are very comfortable, I wake up Light Alarm Clock reviews for 2020 for weeks! Had such a comfy mattress, do n't keep putting it off lumbar stenosis and my back has stopped... Or uncomfortable areas, just get this one did return to our Tempur-Pedic but two ago! Instead, when you sleep with a healthy layer of memory foam adjusts perfectly to our bodies completely went! The sides and I 've watched and read so many different mattress reviews, and memory. A well ventilated room 2.5 inches to 8 inches in 30 hours excited have... Need a break in period and there was no lucid mattress vs tempurpedic, as far as memory foam: which intended. I scoured foam mattress years ago and I love it!!!! ❤❤❤ 1,000!